Our Public Projects

Kitchen Dip Recordings


Kitchen Dip (.org) is a musical collaboration of 50+ artists, musicians, and indie labels from around the world. Our focus is to create Singles, EPs, and LPs with other artists/labels; and provide FREE personal versions to the public – for noncommercial use (CC license). Our music is a modern blend of both acoustic and electronic styles like; hip hop, electro, experimental, instrumental, and pretty much anything progressive and alternative. Our site offers countless hours of free music that can be openly downloaded and streamed via our website, radio networks, and podcasts.

bitFUUL Magazine


bitFUUL [bit fōōl] Magazine is a FREE online PDF publication featuring alternative forms of art and photography. We’ve had hundreds of artistic submissions over the years; our group of artists (from 45+ countries) have contributed artwork, photography, poetry, music, illustrations, and other imaginative masterpieces. We also host a small collection of design tools such as Photoshop Actions / Brushes and Fonts for FREE download.

 Aquasus Aquaponics


As we enter an age of environmental enlightenment, it’s important for us to understand the real value of food and water, not just the price we’re paying. We at Aquasus [ah-KWAY-sus] believe in the importance of organic growing without the use of GMOs (genetically modified organism), Chemical Fertilizers, Inorganic Insecticides, and other harmful chemicals. We aim to increase the public’s knowledge about aquaponics and its health, environmental, educational, and cultural importance. We believe in empowering people with the tools needed to grow their own organic foods at home.